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Richard G. Hooey
Richard G. Hooey

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I've made significant contributions in corporations in various industries and prestigious hedge funds over the last 20 years. I've gained a clear and objective picture of what makes my work - and me - truly distinctive. And this section of my site offers the results of the process that I used to discover what makes me successful, no matter the role. Together, these intangibles offer a well-defined portrait of my unique promise of value and my patterns of success.

What do I stand for?

Recently, I asked more than 35 professional colleagues, executives, clients and associates to participate in an on-line survey of queries designed to answer the question "Who is Dick Hooey?" I also underwent assessments to help me better define who I am. The document in the link is a summary of the findings of these assessments, as well as the responses of that broad cross-section of people in the survey.

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