Richard G. Hooey
Richard G. Hooey
Richard G. Hooey

Richard G. Hooey Financial Management


Forward thinking companies focus upon "What's next?", while anticipating emerging risk factors whether they're an investment firm or publically-held corporation. They both rely on making prudent decisions value-based decisions, with minimal downside risk.

That's why leadership turns to Dick Hooey. They know that I offer a truly unique perspective. I know first-hand what corporate leaders need and what institutional investors expect. My skill set ranges from valuing equity securities for investment funds to "green lighting" proposed strategic initiatives for industrial companies. My well-researched, thorough analyses and actionable recommendations enable these leaders to make well-informed decisions - ones that reduce potential risks and enable them to realize more profit.

This web portfolio provides an overview of selected achievements, areas of expertise and success stories. My skill-sets have helped both hedge funds and corporate decision makers improve their profitability with reduced risk. Maybe I can be of help to you.

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